Trade Policy


Our vision for fashion goes beyond clothes. Community and ethics are some of the most significant values we focus on. You can trade pieces that you think would better fit in another boutique and own pieces looking for a new home. Sometimes your hot new item has already been made. Shopping ethically is now easier than ever. 

Trade Policy

  • You must send the merchandise 48 hours after receiving the shipping label.
  • The merchandise you are trading should not be damaged or incomplete.
  • If there are any issues with the merchandise, you must advise that in the product description.
  • Merchandise can’t be previously worn.
  • You can’t trade customer returns.
  • Merchandise must be in original packaging.
  • If the merchandise is private labeled, you must add it in the description.
  • Before sending merchandise, verify that everything is complete.


Younit Los Angeles and the vendors that manufactured the merchandise are not responsible for any trading products. After the exchange, you and the other party involved must settle any disputes. You now acknowledge and agree that you shall not hold Younit Los Angeles or vendors liable for any issues regarding the merchandise traded over to you by another party.


Younit Los Angeles will provide you with a shipping label. All shipping is through UPS. You are responsible for shipping out the merchandise within 48 hours. If you go past the time frame, Younit Los Angeles will subject you to canceling your order and a nonrefundable shipping charge. Younit Los Angeles is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise during the shipping process. You agree to be subjected to a penalty if you do not ship the traded merchandise within 72 hours. You also acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise during the shipping process.

What if the merchandise I am receiving is private labeled? 

If you’ve enrolled in our branding services, you can request the trader to send the merchandise to Younit Los Angeles. Younit Los Angeles will replace the current labels with your brand and send it back to you. Younit Los Angeles is not responsible for any missing or damaged merchandise that the trader has sent over. You and the trader will deal with any issues regarding the merchandise.